God Hates Your Flag(and Pumpkin Beer)

Dave and Drew talk about the Dakota Pipeline,  Dave growing up on the Reservation(aka the “Rez” , aka modern day concentration camps), and how the reservation system stifles individual and economic development.  September 11th (#No Conspiracies), the ongoing/current year National Anthem “controversy” in the NFL, the Department of Defense using tax payer money to promote the military/war in the NFL, Pat Tillman,  and Slayer’s God Hates Us All album dropping on Sept. 11, 2001. We finish up by smashing(most) pumpkin beers for the sole reason that they are garbage..


FEE Article on Government Stranglehold on Native Americans

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Zombies Government and You Episode 15- The NO-lympic Game of Thrones

David Lannister and Drew aka Khal Drew-go, put newcomer  Kylie/Khyleesi in the hot seat and talk about the first shows we all went went to,  the Olympics as gang loyalty writ large, and meeting famous musicians, all while listening to live recordings of some of the Fugazi shows David went to. We also discuss why voting/supporting political candidates is immoral and lame, and wrap it all up talking about Pokemon Go and Game of Thrones. Roads! rancidfugazi

Been to a Fugazi show between 1987 and 2003? A live recording of that show might be found in the awesome Fugazi Live Series. Check it out.

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Stomp My Flag and I’ll Stomp Your App!!! -ZGY #14

It’s the triumphant return of David and Drew! Join us as we talk about beer, television shows we love/hate( Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Mr. Pickles, and the Arizona Cardinals documentary series All or Nothing).  David yearns to be in the cool pines of Northern Arizona at JackFest and talks about a great new Libertarian podcast, Libertarians on Fire, that you need to be grooving to.


We also talk about the latest app capturing the hearts and minds  along with the  personal data of millions of people, Pokemon Go.  Pokemon Zombies, PokeMongoloids, and irate veterans trampling on the rights they supposedly swore to protect, we left no pokeball unturned.

Jackelope Freedom Festival! -There’s still time, get there if you can!

Great Podcast –Libertarians on Fire

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A Puckle Gun In Every Pocket!

Puckle Gun design circa 1718. 73 years before the 2nd amendment.  pucklegundiagram

The Puckle factor is high in this episode! David,  Drew, and first time guest/fellow Libertarian Jon chew the fat about attempting to spread liberty at Comicon, the shooting in Orlando/gun control, and debating friends who happen to be Statists on Facebeef. Is it effective/a good use of time? We also talk about a conference call Jon had with Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and it’s hilarious results, and how rough it is being in Florida right now.

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Make Civil War Great Again

David and Drew review Captain America: Civil War(Mild Spoiler Alert!!!), some great radio shows/podcasts/apps you should be listening to and using, spreading liberty/probably getting banned at Comic-Con, and withdrawing your consent by not voting, etc.




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Freddie Gets Fingered at the (still illegal) First Annual ZGY Potluck

David and Drew yak about the political circus coming to AZ( people building a wall out of themselves to keep people from Trump Rally, people standing in line for hours to show their preference for a new slavemaster, etc.). We then move on to idiotic laws such as Arizona’s  law prohibiting potlucks outside of the workplace, a North Carolina man being arrested for not returning a VHS tape 14 years ago, and finish up talking about what we like about podcasting and why we do it. Apologies up front for some audio clipping, it does get better as the show goes along, chalk it up to being rusty and new-ish equipment. Roads!


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My God is The State/State-tanic Panic!!!

David Kingsbane and Drew(@2legitdrewnick) aka Han Cholo ride out a midwinter heat wave (mid 80’s temps!) with some cool suds and hotter topics, including State worshipers, Satan worshipers shutting down prayer in the PHX City Council, and was Jesus a socialist/ the difference between taxation and charity and voluntary philanthropy. The Jock Tax on Super Bowl players, and wash it all down with a tall cool glass of water from Flint, Michigan while discussing upcoming movies.



Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose) video on YouTube.

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