ZGY005- The First Annual ZGY Podcast Zombie Survival Fantasy Draft!!!

Kevin and David, along with Drew of 2Legit With Drew and Nick infamy talk about who they would pick to create the most lethal zombie destroying team on the planet. It’s almost Halloween, so we decided to have a little fun on this episode. Who did we pick? Who did we miss? Who had the best team? Listen and find out, and then let us know who you think had the best team, and who you would pick. Beeerrrrnssss!






Just a zombie fightin’ a shark. Suck it, Sharknado.

Zombie Fantasy Draft background music composed and performed by Kevin!

Hosts connected using the super sweet sounding VoIP program FeenPhone! Way better than Skype/Google Hangouts, etc.(ask Drew)

Podcast intro music created and provided by the awesome kids in No Shores!

Exit music by The Motherless.

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