David Kingsbane and Han Cholo(aka Drew)  of 2Legit W/ Drew and Nick (@2legitdrewnick) fame talk about football/regional tribalism/taxpayer subsidies for teams that then pick up and leave(at least the Romans got to go to the Colosseum for free occasionally). Celebrity/Musician deaths (R.I.P. Lemmy, Bowie, Abe Vigoda). Trump saying he could get away with murder/shooting someone, then asking Sheriff Joe Arpaio to come campaign for him. Star Wars Review and the idiocy on both the left and the alt-right in regards to the movie. Also the Oscars suck, stop watching them. *When discussing the water situaton in Michigan, we said Detroit, when it was actually Flint, MI. Also edited to remove 5 minutes of dead silence thanks to SNAFU using my new digital recorder. Enjoy!

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