Stomp My Flag and I’ll Stomp Your App!!! -ZGY #14

It’s the triumphant return of David and Drew! Join us as we talk about beer, television shows we love/hate( Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Mr. Pickles, and the Arizona Cardinals documentary series All or Nothing).  David yearns to be in the cool pines of Northern Arizona at JackFest and talks about a great new Libertarian podcast, Libertarians on Fire, that you need to be grooving to.


We also talk about the latest app capturing the hearts and minds  along with the  personal data of millions of people, Pokemon Go.  Pokemon Zombies, PokeMongoloids, and irate veterans trampling on the rights they supposedly swore to protect, we left no pokeball unturned.

Jackelope Freedom Festival! -There’s still time, get there if you can!

Great Podcast –Libertarians on Fire

Intro Music by No Shores!