Zombies Government and You Episode 15- The NO-lympic Game of Thrones

David Lannister and Drew aka Khal Drew-go, put newcomer  Kylie/Khyleesi in the hot seat and talk about the first shows we all went went to,  the Olympics as gang loyalty writ large, and meeting famous musicians, all while listening to live recordings of some of the Fugazi shows David went to. We also discuss why voting/supporting political candidates is immoral and lame, and wrap it all up talking about Pokemon Go and Game of Thrones. Roads! rancidfugazi

Been to a Fugazi show between 1987 and 2003? A live recording of that show might be found in the awesome Fugazi Live Series. Check it out.

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Black/Death Metal dudes Cave Dweller  may have left the cave, but you can still find their music here!

Intro music by the talented, non-Pokemon Go playing dudes in No Shores. Show them some love…