Not Podcasting is a Hate Crime!!! Or is it?

Sorry for the long absence Dear Readers, but the ZGY podcast is back with Drew, Kylie, and David at the helm, ready to steer the ship of liberty straight into the rocks. We jibber jabber about so called “hate crimes”, the Facebook livestreamed attack on a white mentally challenged man, why sports teams are some of the biggest welfare whores out there(I discovered that the NFL is no longer a non-profit after recording this), and of course Rogue One is discussed.

We talk about podcasts/people who started us on our journey to liberty, and special props are given to a great podcast who out-ZGY-ed/ raised the bar for us, The Lolberts! It’s a great show, so check em out!  The Freedom Feens are mentioned as they were the first podcast I heard that had great audio and made liberty/libertarianism fun and cool. If you want great audio check out Michael W. Dean of the Freedom Feens  how to site devoted to achieving it at CNN getting punked by using Fallout 4 Screens to talk about fake news. Prepping ,mining Bipcoin, how no one is fit to wear the Ring of Power, and beer!!! This episode is dedicated to The Lolberts and Jim Jesus, because beer…

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Intro Music by No Shores!!!

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