Love Freedom? Punch a Commie(Figuratively)…

First time guest and possible(likely!) regular co-host Baron Von Stormhaven of The Lolberts fame joins forces with David Kingsbane to pick apart/ridicule some internal divisions within the liberty community, mock celebritaraians and the largely laughable and lamentable Libertarian party, and discuss the theory of Anarcho-Monarchism a little.

Is it okay to assault people simply for voicing political beliefs you disagree with?(NO that’s terrorism, a-hole) and we’ll make fun of you if you advocate it/do it, no matter how funny it is to see idiots/fascists/commies get punched. Moralizing the NAP, Antifa acting like fa, and a little Tribalism vs. Individualism.  Being your own Baron, brewing your own beer. Roads!!! Apologies for the mic noise, used a new mic stand and didn’t realize how loud it was. #BadAudioIsAHateCrime

Link to great speech on Propaganda & Liberty by Davi Barker on Youtube here.

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Intro music by the bad hombres in No Shores!!!

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