The Cat Herding, Neo-Tribalists, and You Variety Hour!!!

David and Baron Von Stormhaven  join forces once again to talk about the effectiveness of spreading liberty through music/culture vs. endlessly debating economics/the NAP. Things going wrong at award shows.  Do musicians/actors, etc. political idealogies/messages turn you off from the media they create?  We also discuss the potential violence brewing between the alt-left(anitfa) and alt-right, and whether or not libertarians/anarchists have a dog in that fight.

We also talk about t.v. shows/bands we like,  one of the founders of CopBlock getting arrested, herding/caring for cats, and touch briefly on our respective spirituality and philosophies.  Sorry for the mic noise, pretty sure most of that was on Baron’s end (come at me bro!). Recorded using Discord. Roooaaadddssss!!!!

Some good Libertarian media to check out:

Survivor Max by Davi Barker

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Intro music by the non-Grammy winning(a compliment) dudes in No Shores!!!