Skull Stomping the Sacred Cows of Libertarianism

David Kingsbane and Baron Von Stormhaven live up to their geeky nom de guerres while poking fun at the French,  talking about Dungeons and Dragons, Tom Hanks film misses, Bill Paxton dying, and  being/identifying as Gen X(Did you just assume my generation?)

We talk about  O.G. libertarians/anarchists like Ben Stone, Bill Buppert, Claire Wolfe, and Micheal W. Dean, and why we love them.  We also talk about feel good libertarians, celebritarians, libertarian intellectuals/ policy wonks. and what to do with (alleged)liberty scammers/bad actors.  Firearms/tactical training, tribes(good and bad), and why you need them before the zombies come clawing at your door. The Surveillance State and Transhumanism, green beer and the cultural appropriation of St. Patrick’s Day, and  more.

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Download the audio version of Ben Stone’s great book here!!!