By The Force Ghost of Harambe!!!

Baron Von Stormhaven of The Lolberts and David Kingsbane shoot the poo about podcast cross pollination(it’s a good thing, usually,unless you’re Alex Jones), sportsball and libertarian elitism when it comes to how people spend their free time.  Armed “activists” strolling into police stations( not sticking up for police but also a good way to die/give politicians an excuse to encact horrilbe laws). Tribalism now VS. in a post-apocalyptic/dystopian environment,  Star Wars beef(FIGHT ME), and Harambe immortalized in Cheetoh Form reportedly being sold on Ebay for 100,000 dollars… It’s a great time to be alive…


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Love Freedom? Punch a Commie(Figuratively)…

First time guest and possible(likely!) regular co-host Baron Von Stormhaven of The Lolberts fame joins forces with David Kingsbane to pick apart/ridicule some internal divisions within the liberty community, mock celebritaraians and the largely laughable and lamentable Libertarian party, and discuss the theory of Anarcho-Monarchism a little.

Is it okay to assault people simply for voicing political beliefs you disagree with?(NO that’s terrorism, a-hole) and we’ll make fun of you if you advocate it/do it, no matter how funny it is to see idiots/fascists/commies get punched. Moralizing the NAP, Antifa acting like fa, and a little Tribalism vs. Individualism.  Being your own Baron, brewing your own beer. Roads!!! Apologies for the mic noise, used a new mic stand and didn’t realize how loud it was. #BadAudioIsAHateCrime

Link to great speech on Propaganda & Liberty by Davi Barker on Youtube here.

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Not Podcasting is a Hate Crime!!! Or is it?

Sorry for the long absence Dear Readers, but the ZGY podcast is back with Drew, Kylie, and David at the helm, ready to steer the ship of liberty straight into the rocks. We jibber jabber about so called “hate crimes”, the Facebook livestreamed attack on a white mentally challenged man, why sports teams are some of the biggest welfare whores out there(I discovered that the NFL is no longer a non-profit after recording this), and of course Rogue One is discussed.

We talk about podcasts/people who started us on our journey to liberty, and special props are given to a great podcast who out-ZGY-ed/ raised the bar for us, The Lolberts! It’s a great show, so check em out!  The Freedom Feens are mentioned as they were the first podcast I heard that had great audio and made liberty/libertarianism fun and cool. If you want great audio check out Michael W. Dean of the Freedom Feens  how to site devoted to achieving it at CNN getting punked by using Fallout 4 Screens to talk about fake news. Prepping ,mining Bipcoin, how no one is fit to wear the Ring of Power, and beer!!! This episode is dedicated to The Lolberts and Jim Jesus, because beer…

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When Fascism Comes to America it Will be Wrapped in the Flag and Wearing a Bad Toupee

David Lannister and Khal Drewgo @2legitdrewnick get the rust out and return with a post Thanksgiving day audio feast for your ears.  We talk about The Walking Dead proving the folly of gun registration(and how David was right about who died) , a former Arizona bureaucrat stockpiling guns and ammo, and how libtard gun grabbers jumped the gun in the OSU attack.

Trump goes full potato/Fascist on twitter in regards to burning the flag, or is he trolling? Flag burning is talked about in terms of strategy/private property rights/freedom of expression, and how little daylight there is between Conservatives and Progressive SJWs.   After roasting the right we have some fun reading some hilarious reviews of a notorious SJW’s horrible podcast.

Learn more about the very cool cryptocurrency Bipcoin and please support the Dot-Bip Censorship-Proof Domain project.  Stand up against censorship and learn more/donate at the Indiegogo  link here.

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ZGY Episode 18- Zombie Government and the People Who Love it

..In which David and Drew discuss David getting a new iPhone aka iTurd(and Apple vs Android). Why Proposition 205(legalized recreational Marijuana, with some strings attached, of course) doesn’t go far enough and why  some retrogrades oppose it in Arizona, and  obligitory “election” BS. How the election is ruining Facebook, social media, and potentially friendships.  How Netflix/streaming originals are great/ killing cable, crappy Hollywood movies, and  how The Walking Dead exemplifies everything wrong with the State/governments,  and who we think The Walking Dead will kill in the season 7 premiere.


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ZGY Episode 17- Josh Scigala from Vaultoro

I’m very excited about this episode! Josh Scigala from Vaultoro, a Bitcoin/gold exchange, joins the show from Berlin to talk about his company, Bitcoin, the future of money and the growth of liberty, and how they are connected.  We also talk a little about elections in our different cultural/geographic areas,  drone rentals, why no one needs the state, and why having plenty of whiskey on hand in addition to owning Bitcoin and gold is a good idea! A HUGE thank you to Josh for being on the show, I learned quite a bit and had a great time… Now go get some Bitcoin!!!


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God Hates Your Flag(and Pumpkin Beer)

Dave and Drew talk about the Dakota Pipeline,  Dave growing up on the Reservation(aka the “Rez” , aka modern day concentration camps), and how the reservation system stifles individual and economic development.  September 11th (#No Conspiracies), the ongoing/current year National Anthem “controversy” in the NFL, the Department of Defense using tax payer money to promote the military/war in the NFL, Pat Tillman,  and Slayer’s God Hates Us All album dropping on Sept. 11, 2001. We finish up by smashing(most) pumpkin beers for the sole reason that they are garbage..


FEE Article on Government Stranglehold on Native Americans

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