In the fourth ZGY podcast David and Kevin talk about gun control, scientists/celebrities using their fame to advance causes/ideas they know nothing about. Is the Constitution still a valid document, or simply a permission slip/enabler for aggressions by the state, and which Presidential candidate we think has the best chance to survive the zombie apocalypse!

Article on Gun Control by Thomas Sowell

Horrible Anti-Gun Propaganda Video w/ self righteous preening celebutards (If you want to get sick)

Also: Kevin announces a future addition to his family! Congrats!  Dental work vs. Jury Duty, which is worse?

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Demo(n)crat Debate: Why Bother? Let’s Have a Rap Battle!!!

Disclaimer: I didn’t watch tonight’s debate. Like roughly 100% of America/the world’s population, I had better things to do than sit around listening to a cabal of Statist gas-bags try to out-whore(no offense meant to actual prostitutes) each other by promising more and more “free” programs/money in a race to the bottom of the Big Government Barrel. I’ll probably watch it for future show prep, but I am sure there was plenty of economic illiteracy, Plebeian pandering, and neo-con posturing to last twenty lifetimes.  If you care to know exactly what’s wrong with anything these would be tyrants are proposing, but don’t have the time to pick up a book on economics, check this!

Round 2:

The Shape of Podcasts to Come

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